Boxed Up to Go

The seemingly unwieldy shape of a fish is anything but a drag.


Keep Me Hanging On

Surviving in the intertidal zone tests the rubbery limits of algae.



Can shipwrecked men survive if they drink sea water?

Namib beetle

Like Water Off a Beetle’s Back

An African insect could show how to wring moisture from the fog—and let the sun shine on cloudy airports.

baby gray whale on top of mother

Gray Whales Revealed

Discover gray whales in the isolated San Ignacio lagoon

raining fish

Rains of Fishes

A compilation of the evidence that fishes occasionally fall from the sky

sea stars

Rising Stars

Sea stars grow faster in warmer, acidified water.

Ambergris is perfume lab

Floating Gold

The Romance of Ambergris


A Long Drink of Water

For thirsty sea snakes, the ocean can be a desert.


Sociable Killers

New studies of the white shark (aka great white) show that its social life and hunting strategies are complex

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